The Osho Circle School is a love story. It was founded in 2000 by a group of friends to research and to experience a different quality of life, celebration, creativity, supporting each other and staying in truth. It is a wellness and meditation center which offers active tools for the transformation of the individual in beauty and harmony, in synchrony with the existence, in the respect of Mother Earth.


It is located in
Italy, nearby Rimini; it is a huge and comfortable place, properly designed for meditation, relaxation, arts and fun.

In the middle of nature, on a hill 800m in height, the place offers amazing views of the Adriatic seacoast and its castles and ancient citadels.The renowned beaches of Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica are close by and from here you can reach easily towns like Roma, Milano, Bologna, Ravenna, Arezzo, Perugia, Assisi, Urbino.

The area is an
international tourist destination, famous for its beaches, discos, parties, good restaurants and the many historical, artistic and cultural places.
The Osho Circle School has a great
main house, called Donai, with a Buddha hall, session rooms, offices, reception, kitchen, restaurant (which offers great vegetarian italian food) bar, disco, lounge, and most of the residents, students and workers’ rooms.

Guest rooms are also there- single, double or three-four bedded rooms, all with bathroom, shower, and telephone. High speed wireless Internet connection is everywhere for free in the whole OCS area, and there is a computer available in the lounge bar. Then, surrounded by trees and flowers, ten beautiful cottages emerge from the green, all of them with two rooms and the same facilities. In the hot season, the place of Agorà becomes alive; here is a Lounge Bar where people meet and take a break from the sun, or have fun during the happy hour, and a great Italian Pizzeria, with a patio for more than 200 people, a huge plaza where concerts, performances, shows, piano-bar, music and disco take place. Nearby you can enjoy an elegant, wonderful 20mts swimming pool and its park. - the Yemayà area and the Miyacha Garden. During summer, it is the best place for relaxation, friendship and fun. On the other side, there is a sports field. The Commune is 800 mts. high, with an incredible landscape The property is five hectares wide, in the middle of the wood where you can find a teepee, an Inipi Camp and few other sacred places.

The School offers daily meditations many groups a year, including a large spectrum of Osho's teachings, with some of the best theachers from all around the world. There is a Student Program, for people who want to go deeper into the research and transformation of the self and the life of the Commune itself; and there is a Cooperation Program, for people who want to join the Commune, living there for a limited amount of time. Always during the year, The Osho Circle School proposes many events, parties, happening and festival,individual sessions, exhibitions, concerts, creativity, disco, holidays and meditation, relax and wellness.

The Osho Circle School is born out of friendship, as a help to heal our separations: from the self, from the other and from nature.

It is a rainbow with all the colors of the inner search.


september 4-6 Watsu Basic
september 6-9 Transition Flow
The fundamentals of Watsu; we will experiment its principles through a simple progression, complete in itself. We will rediscover our “aquatic body”, we will gradually access the free flowing quality by moving the whole body.
With Keli Procopio

september 12-13 Meditation Camp
saturday 12 Aum Meditation
A week-end dedicated to the Osho meditations, which includes on saturday afternoon the Humaniversity Aum-Meditation, a social meditation created by Veeresh Yuson. Powerful and energizing, it is capable of changing the way we live everyday.
With OCS Staff & AUM Team


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