Academy of Light: becoming holistic professionals

Academy LightThe Professional Counsellor Training, that is of someone who offers a relationship of help and support,
is based on genuine individual transformation and self understanding. The training course of the Academy takes all these aspects into account and therefore has a holistic approach. Our main intent is to unite awareness, personal transformation, artistic expression, collaboration and mutual exchange between human beings and the planet, on all levels. The Academy is currently expanding in various fields, an ongoing process of creative development.

We propose a three year Training course, at the end of which one will be fully qualified as a Holistic Counsellor and Practitioner, with an initial specialization in Metaphysics, Energy Work and Aura Soma. The courses are accredited by S.I.C.O.O.L. (The Italian Society of Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners)

Various international lecturers, all highly-qualified and with a broad experience, collaborate with the programs of the Academy.

Information and enrollment:
tel: +39 366 2896113