From fear to love

Osho Inipi Circle
Fri, 29/03/2013 - 21:00 - Mon, 01/04/2013 - 17:00

The groups offered this year are reflecting an intent that is growing more and more; develop togheter the seeds of a new consciousness, individual, collective and environmental, so that may blossom in inner search, in human relationships, in the society.
Through this work, will not be taught how to live better, how to be successful, how to manage the compromises. It is about bringing together people who are ready to get to the bottom of the truth, to break free from limitations, fears and chains. The psychology of the Zorba is research and experimentation of new models of aggregation, of new systemic models, of cooperation and creativity. It is a conscious extension of the limits of empathy, up to include ourselves, others and nature. It's a sharing of tools for understanding, preservation and protection from the imposition of social and consumption models. It's education to the power of discrimination.

Meditation is not enough, without love nor action.
These groups are an invitation for anyone who wants to be the contagious living seed of change, for those who feel ready to bring about in their own lives the changes that make possible an inner revolution and the outer reflection of this.
Each of the course can be attended individually. Nevertheless, they have a common thread, linked by three basic elements: Emancipation, Education, Evolution. During the days dedicated to these experiences, are included theory and practice, meditation and fun, socializing and deep conscious contact with nature. It's provided the ritual of Inipi, sweat lodge, participation in which is at the individual option. The courses are open to all, no requirements are needed for participants, except their totality and sincere interest.


  • Video Arshad Moscogiuri and Hierbamala (patchanka best italian band), live presentation of the book "The psychology of the Zorba", available in English from 2013-14 - TEXT and VOICE: Arshad Moscogiuri
    The song "SANGRE MISTO" is by Hierbamala
    live performed at Osho Circle School, Italy, aug. 2012
in italian with English subtitles, 06,51min

  • From Fear to Love

This four-days meeting that opens the new series of Inipi Circle Osho - psychology of the Zorba courses has a strong transformative power. It presents the fundamental issue that is the root of all paths of growth, transformation and individual evolution: the knowledge of biological mechanisms, energetical and psychological effects of fear, as this is constantly used as a tool of power and persuasion, the way in which fear itself limits opportunities , relationships and freedom. This course especially enables to experiment the inner space through which a natural presence it is possible, a presence that dissolves the shadows of conditioning fear, conscious and unconscious.
Love is the opposite of fear, not courage. Fears limit life, relationships, and separate us from reality. Awareness can dissolve fears, love can make life blossom. The Inipi, the meditation and the circle, they all support the alchemy that looks, accepts and dissolves fear, and then laughs about fear

"Love is risky. To love is to move into danger -- because you cannot control it, it is not safe. It is not within your hands. It is unpredictable: where it will lead nobody knows. Whether it will lead anywhere, that too nobody knows. One is moving into utter darkness but roots grow only in darkness. If the roots of a tree become afraid of darkness and don't move underground, the tree will die. They have to move into darkness. They have to find their way towards the deepest layers of the earth where they can find sources of water, nourishment."
Osho, “The Beloved” vol. 1, cap. 1, 21 june 1976
"Fear is very impotent, it has no power. You say, "If it is non-substantial, then how does it manage to have such a power over me?"  You want to believe in it -- that's its power. You are not ready to take a plunge into your inner depth and to face your inner emptiness -- that is its power. Otherwise it is impotent, utterly impotent. Nothing is ever born out of fear. Love gives birth, love is creative; fear is impotent."
Osho, “The Guest”, cap. 6, 1 may 1979
  • course price:       € 250,oo
  • under 25 years:   € 200,oo