Empathy and Fiendship: human relationships beyond social patterns

Osho Inipi Circle
Fri, 28/06/2013 - 15:00 - Sun, 30/06/2013 - 17:00

The groups offered this year are reflecting an intent that is growing more and more; develop togheter the seeds of a new consciousness, individual, collective and environmental, so that may blossom in inner search, in human relationships, in the society.
Through this work, will not be taught how to live better, how to be successful, how to manage the compromises. It is about bringing together people who are ready to get to the bottom of the truth, to break free from limitations, fears and chains. The psychology of the Zorba is research and experimentation of new models of aggregation, of new systemic models, of cooperation and creativity. It is a conscious extension of the limits of empathy, up to include ourselves, others and nature. It's a sharing of tools for understanding, preservation and protection from the imposition of social and consumption models. It's education to the power of discrimination.

Meditation is not enough, without love nor action.
These groups are an invitation for anyone who wants to be the contagious living seed of change, for those who feel ready to bring about in their own lives the changes that make possible an inner revolution and the outer reflection of this.
Each of the course can be attended individually. Nevertheless, they have a common thread, linked by three basic elements: Emancipation, Education, Evolution. During the days dedicated to these experiences, are included theory and practice, meditation and fun, socializing and deep conscious contact with nature. It's provided the ritual of Inipi, sweat lodge, participation in which is at the individual option. The courses are open to all, no requirements are needed for participants, except their totality and sincere interest.


  • Video Sharing hugs and namastè during an Event with Arshad and the OIC Staff
no words needed, 06,39 min

  • Empathy and Fiendship:
    human relationships beyond social patterns

Friendship is a true love relationship. Friendship is love, wich has not procreational (couple)  or orgasmic (sexual relationship) purposes, although that can happen. The approach, however, is materially disinterested, in the most disinterested relationship possible. It is not about the family, it is not about a compromise for your job, it is not a relationship with the authorities. The power of this type of relationship is immense: it is pure empathy that passes through love, through the heart.
Friendship is like a door that can get to be completely open, it is to be mirrored through the other, allowing the other to do the same. If we are on a path of inner development, so we will probably get to different environments and meet people who, like us, are travelers on the path. When traveling together, deconditioning ourselves, discovering new areas of perception and awareness, meditating together, crying together, laughing together, we strip ourselves of every herald on the shield, opening the heart to each other -then a particular sense of friendship is discovered. It is as if we had always known it, or always wanted it. Something is happening that does not belong to the realm of ideals: there is a relationship of deep truth, respect and compassion. It is a relationship of mutual aid, of development.

  • course price:       € 200,oo
  • under 25 years:   € 160,oo