The New Holistic Vision

Individual Social and Environmental Consciousness
Fri, 19/09/2014 - 21:00 - Sun, 21/09/2014 - 17:00
This is a course for those who want to experience, firsthand, the deep sense of a unified vision, that means holistic, of our species and of our time. It is designed for those who want to grow beyond illusions, without compromising and even cultivating their intelligence and critical spirit, reconciling spirituality with scientific aptitude.
  • from friday 19 until sunday 21 september
  • begins: h 21.oo friday
  • ends: h 17.oo sunday
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  • course price: € 160,oo (member card included)
  • under 25 years old:  € 120,oo (member card included)

Video Arshad Moscogiuri with the band Hierbamala, reads a script, wrote by himself, that touches several topics of this course.          in Italian with English subtitles. lenght 5.20 min

education credits
Participation in this course enables students to obtain education credits for professional Holistic Operator and professional training credits ECP. The course is recognized by the Academy of Light (accredited by SICOOL), pursuant to Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013
  • the course

It is made for those who do not want to be confined to an idealistic and ideological agreement with nature, made of ecological attitudes, Platonic love for animals and copy-and-past of kittens on social networks, but instead do seek a relationship and a real, tangible and sacred contact with the entity that we call Mother Earth. It’s for all those who have come to realize that, if there is someone just a little bit aware on the planet, is it to be responsible to take care of nature and those who live there, humans or animals, and not because they can exploit it to his liking . This group is recommended for those who are tired of complaining and feel the urge to contribute to a renewal of consciences, and highly suggested to those who work in the field of holistic, for it to be able to raise awareness of himself and others to a new vision and to responsible actions.
The term holism, newly created, is often misused and misunderstood.There is very little holistic, in fact, in pursuit of personal well-being, in the conquest of new ego territories or material success. If it is true that the term means a unit without divisions, then we must have the courage to give it a new meaning, although this is likely to be less "marketable" than commercial New Age promises crowding the market supply. A new holistic vision can not be separated from the human being in its real context, which of course includes himself but also the other and the whole of nature in which he’s immersed. As long as inner growth , meditation, holistic research or activities do not include all these aspects, they remain superficial fads or subjective identifications, which are deprived of strength and truth in the name of just one compromise: the commercial target. The development of just the individual consciousness is only an interrupted movement, a truncated and selfish awareness that does not respond to the needs of our present time. Consciousness needs to find itself in his unit, which includes the consciousness of others, or social consciousness, and that of nature, or environmental consciousness. A supreme meditator who has not healthy relationships with other human beings or who does not take responsibility for real and conscious relationships with nature, is equally unaware of who is full of friends but does not meditate, or whoever takes care of the environment but does not know a single moment of inner silence in his mind. The new holistic vision is that of the union of individual, social and environmental consciousness; they have never been divided, but we separate them as a reflection of our inability to live in contact with the reality that surrounds us, which is made up of three basic elements: ourselves, others and nature.

  • why to partecipate
The intent of these groups is develop togheter the seeds of a new consciousness, individual, collective and environmental, so that may blossom in inner search, in human relationships, in the society. Through this work, will not be taught how to live better, how to be successful, how to manage the compromises. It is about bringing together people who are ready to get to the bottom of the truth, to break free from limitations, fears and chains. We propose research and experimentation of new models of aggregation, of new systemic models, of cooperation and creativity. It is a conscious extension of the limits of empathy, up to include ourselves, others and nature. It's a sharing of tools for understanding, preservation and protection from the imposition of social and consumption models. It's education to the power of discrimination.
Meditation is not enough, without love nor action.
These groups are an invitation for anyone who wants to be the contagious living seed of change, for those who feel ready to bring about in their own lives the changes that make possible an inner revolution and the outer reflection of this.
Each of the course can be attended individually. Nevertheless, they have a common thread, a new holistic vision founded on transformation of Basic Separations. During the days dedicated to these experiences, are included theory and practice, meditation and fun, socializing and deep conscious contact with nature. It's provided the ritual of Inipi, sweat lodge, participation in which is at the individual option. The courses are open to all; they are recommended for those approaching for the first time in this type of experience as well as to professionals in the field. They are of particular benefit to those who want to learn the basics of community work and group work, for those who want to specialize as Staff and assistance, for teachers and therapists. No requirements are needed for participants, except their totality and sincere interest.