Centering: Union with Yourself

Psychology of the Zorba - Osho Inipi Circle
Fri, 31/10/2014 - 21:00 - Sun, 02/11/2014 - 17:00

To develop your presence and centering has amazing effects in every area, from relationships to the professional field, from inner research to the depths of meditation. In this course, Arshad proposes techniques and experimentations that are the result of decades of personal and group work, all aimed at centering into the Hara.

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  • from october 31, friday, to november 2, sunday
  • beginning: h 21.oo friday
  • end: h 17.oo sunday
  • course price: € 160,oo (member card included)
  • under 25 years old:  € 120,oo (member card included)
  • 10% discount on course price  if you sign up within 15 days before the start date (not combinable with other discounts or offers)
Video Osho: Make the Belly your Best Friend-     Osho talks on Hara, from "The Goleden Future" - in english with italians subtitles, 6.10 mins

Education Credits
Participation in this course enables students to obtain education credits for professional Holistic Operator and professional training credits ECP. The course is recognized by the Academy of Light (accredited by SICOOL), pursuant to Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013
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What is the inner center? Answering to a subjective point of view , we can define it as the feeling of extreme psycho-physical-emotional balance we experience when, even in situations that may cause tension (positive or negative), we remain fully lucid and present. This is not emotional coldness, because the true centering opens and extends the senses, does not shrink them, and amplifies the perception to the com-passion, that make us feel even those who we have around. The centering makes us able to respond, rather than forcing us to react; respons-ability, in fact. It is true freedom. Answering from the point of view of inner science, which you want to call metaphysics, philosophy or with other names, the center is the quality that we experience when we are aware of our Hara. To be clear, all martial arts and many Eastern techniques are precisely based on the Hara, on this very presence centered within themselves. It is an inside that does not exclude the outside; it's like being at the center of a spinning wheel, the only fixed point of a whirlwind. That point is within each one, it is accessible at all times and circumstances. Knowing that point, knowing the path that takes us there, centering and developing the presence is crucial for any individual. It is what we miss when we are confused, tense, uncomfortable, scared, uncertain, anxious, deluded, dormant, and when we do not respect ourselves, others, and all that surrounds us.
Nothing ever happens at the center. Yet, that is the best place to fully enjoy everything that happens.

During the course: Hara; Chakra; the six physical senses (balance); levels of awareness according to Western psychology; levels of awareness according to the psychology of the Buddha. Experiences: centering techniques; Hara Centering; Heart Centering; Earth Centering; meditations; Inipi.

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