Never Say Christmas Again!

Winter Solstice Gathering
Fri, 26/12/2014 - 21:00 - Sun, 28/12/2014 - 17:00

The most amazed appointment of the year!

course informations
  • from friday 26 to sunday 28, december
  • beginning: h 9.oo pm friday
  • end: h 5.oo pm sunday
  • course special price: € 120,oo (member card included)
  • 10% discount if you sign up within 15 days before the start date

  • the course

It's hard to explain what's going on during these days and how you can have fun, grow, laugh, enjoy, get close to others and to nature in the atmosphere of this special group. A true gathering of year-end, full of surprises, of meditation, of fun and ... gifts !! The comments of participants at the last group of the end of December at the School are the best explanation that can be given to the energy that you live in this course:
"The best Christmas full of joy since I found out that Santa Claus does not exist!" Antonio
"Together we are not alone. Thanks" Siari
"Be togheter in joy is the experience that, brief as it may seem, lies a fragment of truth." Nadir
"So much celebration in friendship, joy and sharing. The beauty of being free by being together. And what more do you want from Christmas? Thanks." Pamela

during the course
Social Sessions - Circle and Team - Dance - Event - and especially friendship, love, fun
Social Meditations - Osho Active Meditations - Inipi (sweat lodge, you can choose if taking part in it or not)

  • 2 nights free if you stay for the  New Year Party!
Choose to stay for the wonderful New Year Party or for the Winter Holidays in the very first days of the new year! If you participate in the course and you would like to stay and celebrate, 

we give you the gift of 2 nights: 28 and 29 december!
It applies for any accomodation you choose.

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