The code of Mind: love-fear

Fri, 01/05/2015 - 21:00 - Sun, 03/05/2015 - 17:00

"A unique experience that left me with the feeling of having truly taken the road to myself, or rather, left me the concrete and indispensable, scientific and effective tools for self-analysis necessary to evolve, respecting, knowing and overcoming the limits of my earthly state." Aanam, course participant in 2014

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  • from may 1st friday, to 3rd sunday
  • beginning: h 21.oo friday
  • end: h 17.oo sunday

Education Credits
Participation in this course enables students to obtain education credits for professional Holistic Operator and professional training credits ECP. The course is recognized by the Academy of Light (accredited by SICOOL), pursuant to Law no. 4 of 14.01.2013
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Are we really free or we simply believe to be free? Can we trust our perceptions? What it means to know yourself? An amazing and crystal clear course to understand the functioning of our brain, of our senses and how the way we are designed by nature and shaped by society influences our behavior and limits our lives, without us necessarily give account. The scientific and experiential approach to the analysis and understanding of the mechanisms of the mind and the unconscious, simple and clear for anyone, allows us to decode the survival code by which we act, we feel, we choose. Where there is fear there is no love, and vice versa: this simple consideration is actually a real inner binary code, common to all human beings. It is a revolutionary course that rips up belief systems and new age myths, returning the responsibility to the individual. Take in your hands the keys to the freedom from patterns!

Video: Osho speaks on fear - english, 13 mins
during the course
Fear is not a disease - Diameters of fear: to understand the real state of being - The three basic fears - Relations between fears and separations - Reward, expectation and punishment - Brain and transmission of genes - How the brain helps survival - How natural selection has shaped our minds – Conditioning and fear - Perceptions and illusions – Sensorial movement and fear - Courage and other forms of fear - Love and fear - The functioning of fear and love in the biological, energy and metaphysical human system system - Hara and Heart

Perception testing – Illusion testing - The art of Kiai - Hara and Heart centering techniques - States of being and their opposites - Meditations - Inipi (sweat lodge, participation to individual choice)

individual sessions
in the two days following the end of the course, Arshad is available for individual sessions of counseling. For info write us here


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