OCS closure announcement

“Celebration is my attitude, unconditional to what life brings.”

Beloved Friends,
The Osho Circle School is about to close.

Recently we all got together and unwillingly made the decision to leave this beautiful place where we’ve been since 2000.
There are some undelayable requirements related to the structure that we are not even remotely able to face. In the past few years we tried very hard but now we have to let go this space, this nature and this unique experience, even though it hurts. Letting go is painful but at the same time is something that cyclically life brings with it.

We have no words to explain how grateful we are to this nature, to these walls, and to the people who, for 16 years, put all their energy , professionalism and love into the service of the Commune.
Grateful to whom ,starting from the very beginning, supported it economically ; year after year, brick after brick. To all those who; for a day, a month, a year or even longer contibuted in creating the enviroment, the energy and the unique essence that distinguishes it. To all those who changed their point of view, their life and their relations. To those who brought their wisdom , their teachings and presence. To the laughters and crying that still resound , to the light of the faces, to the irrepressible joy of those who found or re-found themselves, the nature, the others and the Master.
All this condensed into a shining diamond which can’t go lost. The fire has always been sparkling and still now is alive and vibrating.

So,what should have been the re-opening of the season, April 23th-24th, will be the date to celebrate the end of this cycle. We will do it with a meditation camp, to reach the essence of what is the heart of the Commune, and with a party, a big farewell party.
Osho, among so many other things, thought us the importance of Celebrating every thing , including the end.
In our hearts we wish and we are working so that another cycle will be born out of this. There are plans to move the Osho Circle School, remaining in the territory in which we want to keep being an important reference point for so many people. A new reality, totally different, since no one wants to create a rough copy of this wonder which is the Osho Circle School.
It can only be an evolution, not just a pathetic imitation of something unique.

We will inform you and keep you posted on this step by step. To no one is due to take two steps at one time, but one after the other at most.
Therefore we will inform you soon about the Celebration for the Closing which we hope will also be the appointment for a new opening.
We will love to have all of you with us on those days.
As for now the 2016 calendar, which was already ready, remains suspended, waiting to be possibly moved, in whole or in part, to another place. As for now, what does really matters , the ointment that more than anything else can give us the energy and the push, is having all of you close starting from now.
Close, in order to be able to let go, with love and gratitude, without fear , this beautiful dream of reality.
Close, if another project will take form for which gather enthusiasm and help.
Close, because this is not an easy moment for us.


With love in our hands and our heads held high,
thank you,
Osho Circle School Staff.

2016, february