The purpose of these groups is being together to develop the seeds of a new consciousness, individual, environmental and collective, so that they can blossom in soul searching, in human relationships, in society.

Through this work is not taught how to live better, how to achieve success, how to manage the compromises. We want to bring together people who are ready to get to the bottom of the truth, to free themselves from limits, fears and chains. We propose research and testing of new models, systemic and of aggregation, cooperation and creativity. We experience the conscious extention of the limits of the empathy, so that may include ourselves, others and nature. It is a sharing of tools for understanding, preservation and protection from the imposition of social and consumeristic models. It is an education to the use of critical intelligence.
Meditation isn't enough, without love and action.
These groups are an invitation for those who want to be the infectious living seed of change, for those who feel ready to implement in their lives the changes that can make possible an inner revolution and the outward reflection of this.

Each course can be attended individually. Nevertheless, they have a common thread: a new holistic vision based on transformation of separations. During the days dedicated to these experiences, are included practice and theory, meditation and fun, sociability and deep conscious contact with nature. For those who want, it is provided the Inipi ritual (sweat lodge).

The courses are open to everybody; they are recommended for those who are approaching for the first time to this kind of experiences as well as to the holistic and wellness operators. They are of particular benefit to those who want to learn the basics of community and group work, for those who want to specialize as Staff and assistant, for teachers and therapists.
No need for pre requirements to participants, except their totality and sincere interest.

Osho Inipi Circle has touched
hundreds of people, has made them
hug, laugh, cry, grow, feel, become friends
and reconnect with mother Earth.


We go on believing that we are separate. We are not, not even for a single moment. In spite of your belief, you are one with the whole. But your belief can create nightmares for you; it is bound to create them. To believe that "I am separate" means to create fear.
Osho, "The book of wisdom", cap. 4, 14 feb 1979

The reflection of these separations is very clear into the actual individual and society.
Thousands of years of history have created belief-systems and fears resounding inside us, that are all into the collective inconscious. As the fish in the sea, even if we don’t believe in our conditionings, we cannot avoid to be wet with the ocean of inconscious that surrounds us.
The result is a deeply separated contemporary human being: divided from the self -body mind and spirit. Divided from the others -judgment, habit, relationship's problems. And tragically divided from the nature around him.

Osho pointed three basic fears: the fear of going crazy, the fear of orgasm and the fear of death.
In the work of Osho Inipi Circle, we then focused on three basic separations: the separation from the self, the separation from the other, the separation from the planet.
Ourselves, the others and all that surrounds us, we all are part of just one thing: the one that we perceive as reality.
These elements are departing each other, and that is caused by our perceptions and by our fears.
Bigger is the fear, bigger the distance that separates and fragments the elements of reality.
Vice versa, smaller is the fear, more the separations shorten.

All separation has to be dropped. And everything that separates thoughts, feelings, emotions; they all have to be dropped. So only an organic unity of consciousness remains.
Osho, "The last testament", vol. 4, 1985


On the late '90, into the Osho Inipi Circle the work on Basic Separations began to take place.
The active transformation of separations brings to a radical change of one's life-style. The active transformation means to take back to the relationships with oneself, with the others and with the nature: so the bigger part of its actualization is in the very way of living.
That's why this work makes the consciousness richer, and brings to transform the individual consciousness as well as the hystorical, social, scientific, cultural and artistic one. 

Even among meditators and groups of inner growth, the separation from Mother Earth is not always included. But this issue is really very important, because that is the condition that is needed in order to have a correct energy flowing into the human system.We forgot completely the science of relationships between us and all the rest, especially nature. This affects all the other separations, fears and difficulties of the individual.
Anyway, just the relationship with the nature is not enough for the wellness of the contemporary human being. That wellness needs deep roots into meditation, into the rich treasure of the humanistic therapy. By the union of all these elements, is born a work that reduces distances and melts fears. 

Osho            to transform the separation from the self

Inipi             to heal the separation from the nature

Circle           to let go the separation from the other

Sannyas means to let go the idea of separation from existence. The very idea that we are separated is the problem. We are not, but we go on living with this idea that we are separated.
Osho, “The Last Testament”, vol. 4, 1985



The Rose of Gates is a graphic and symbolic interpretation of some moments of the year wich are charged with a specific kind of vibrational energy: the Gates. These are sacred dates, very important in all the planetary cultures. The Rose of Gates, elaborated by Osho Inipi Circle, is a synthesis of sciences and knowledges coming from different traditions, serving the contemporary human being -both scientific and spiritual. The groups are totally innovating, originals and always different; since 2012, all the groups were placed in the dates of the Gates, each group with a specific issue, in harmony with the period of the year when it is proposed.

All events repeat in a certain order. If the coming of the divine has happened at a particular moment, on a certain day in a certain month, next year at the same time you can expect it to happen again. That moment has become powerful, and at that moment the divine energy can flow again. So year after year for hundreds of years, people have gathered together to wait at certain places.  If this has happened many many times, then the repetition of that event at that moment becomes likely or even certain.
Osho, "Hydden Mysteries", cap. 2, 6 june 1971



_Osho Meditations, discourses, lectures
_contact with the nature, Osho Inipi (Sweat Lodge, always facultative), dance, rituals
_ the circle, cooperation, creativity, sharing, social meditations, sessions, celebration, fun
_deconditioning, expectations, involvement
_culture, history, art, science, religions, informations, traditions, myths -in a multimedial, global contemporary vision
_the support of Aura-Soma, of the world of colour, other disciplines, techniques and teachers
_synchronicity with the cycles of nature

When science dug deep it found that only energy is, and when spirituality delved deep it found that only spirit or atman or soul is. And soul is energy. The time is just around the corner when a synthesis of science and religion will be achieved, and the distance that separates them will simply disappear. When the gap between matter and God has proved to be false, the gap between science and religion cannot exist for long. If matter and mind are not two, how can religion and science be two? The separation of science and religion was dependent on the separation of matter and mind.
Osho, “In search of the miracolous”, vol 1 cap 2 3 may 1970


A circle can only be made of people loving each other and searching togheter. The very soul of Osho Inipi Circle is its big Staff, wich is able to transmit to the participants trust, support and love. The Staff is a foundamental part into the transformation process, it is a strong support during meditations, sessions and when emotions are flowing. The Staff always keeps high the group's energy, affecting the people with friendliness and totality.The OIC has a Staff with many people and with many qualities. During the years, a lot of people has been part of the OIC Staff. Even if the average is very young people, many Staff members are in the team from long time, they have a great experience and different abilities. The most valuable quality is that they are all friends.


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