Arshad Moscogiuri

Sw. Jivan Arshad Moscogiuri 

sannyasin since 1987; creator of the Osho Inipi Circle ('96), the Rose of the Gates and the Course of Contemporary Esotericism. His activity, as well as his writings, deals with transforming Fundamental Separations -that he pointed out as the center of this new kind of working with the people. He is a founding member, co-director and President of the Osho Circle School. He is an Acharya, as well as a Chanupa and Inipi bearer, Hamblecheyapi Sponsor and Circle guide. Arshad is Counselor, and teacher of Inner and Spiritual Research in the Academy of Light. His search expands between irony and sacredness, creating a synthesis between the mystical and scientific heritage and the path of spontaneity and naturalness, supported by the vision of the enlightened master Osho. He includes a profound understanding of our times, of current social dynamics and their influence on our psyche, on our emotions and our spirit. By being connected with nature, with oneself and with others, Arshad resurrects and updates techniques and rituals of various origins, underlining that he is a disciple, not a shaman. The workshops, original in their form and content, have a strong transformative power, alternating meditations, sessions, celebrations, presentations, creativity in a dynamic and fun way, always with the joyful support of OIC Staff. His work is accessible to all, to those who approach for the first time in this type of experience as well as operators in the sector. His experience and the type of approach are of particular benefit to those who want to learn the basics of community work and group work, for those who want to specialize as Staff and assistance, for teachers and therapists.Arshad is a great mass-communicator, and his events are always deep, funny and powerful in the same time.
He began working with the people in 1995, with groups centerd on deconditioning ("Easy is Right").
Arshad has been a journalist, working during more than 14 years for different italian magazines. He has been one of the first New Age journalists in Italy, writing about many issues, including music, and has been director of some newspapers. Arshad never stopped writing, and he has published dozens of articles on many magazines, including Osho Times and Re Nudo. He has been also multimedia journalist, working many years in television and radio. Arshad has been a speaker and dj on a worldwide Satellite Radio, and for long time was an appreciated disco dj. He has also produced some music, that uses most for his own work. Arshad is also author of “The Psychology of the Zorba”, the book 
in which he brilliantly summarizes the essence of a true and new contemporary holistic vision based on the thesis, elaborated by him, of the transformation of Basic Separations. This vision merges in his current work, which aims to bring people together and develop the seeds of a new consciousness, individual, collective and environmental, that may blossom in the inner search, in human relationships and in society. Arshad created an informative website, dedicated to the spiritual and scientific research. In late 2013 he published a new book, "Fukushima Global Warming and Competition".
Arshad Moscogiuri
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