The following workshops are part of the Breathwork specialization. It is a 3-year course, divided into 11 modules, with a minimun of 600 hours training. One can attend a particular module individually.


Each of us has a respiratory imprinting, which creates our journey in this life. It represents our biography, from the moment of birth until the present moment; with each breath, we turn another page in this great book of existence.  

Whereas it is true that, through breath, we have access to our personal story, it is also true that in breathing we also find a great opportunity to bring awareness to the present moment. It represents the key for accessing the vastness of the world of feelings and sensations.

For those who are new to the path of personal growth, breathwork is a fundamental instrument, enabling us to recognize moods, emotional states, sensations. 

 For those who have experience in exploring their inner world, it is an opportunity to refine their qualities, opening to new dimensions of consciousness and understanding.

By expanding and listening to your breath, you will be able to connect to that inner wisdom and capacity of transformation that ensues spontaneously when you are simply available to listening and presence.

Knowing this, the breath can be used as an instrument and as a means to increase body awareness, to recognize and deal with emotions and mental processes.