The Staff is the very soul of the Osho Inipi Circle.
No circle could be possible without a real circle of true friends.

In the 1996 the first Staff began to form around the Osho Inipi Circle; at that time Arshad was travelling around Italy, doing groups and Inipi. The firs two were Keli and Ameya and, a little bit later, Suveera. In 1997 the OIC did some groups in an Osho Center near Bologna, where Mahashakti, Navaja, Kalika, Prasad, Somesh and then Sushma entered into the Staff. The meeting with the Osho's Dream Center, in '98, has been of great importance for the Staff formation. Here Dilaram, Nartan, Nishkami, Digant, Ambara, Vasumati, Keerti were part of Staff. In that time, there was also the meeting with Talasi, that has been the foundation itself of the work on Basic Separation and, with the blessed support of Avikal and of the whole circle, brought to the creation of Osho Circle School. Before the year 2000, anyway, Ramana, Vanya, Samoda, Vasna, Chandra, Akash, Raghu, Shaan  and many other people were part of the OIC Staff.

After the School was born, many people has been into the team. Between them Abodha, Prabhato, Mugdha, Shanti Deva, etc... -since the last younger people, as Mitro.
During the years, many people has been an Osho Inipi Circle Staff member, and many people who worked already with OIC is often invited to be part of Staff, especially during Festivals, Events or big groups.
Each time, there is a lot of joy spending great time and high energy togheter.

"I could not desire better friends into my life. We are so much friends that we had to live togheter. We met during groups, and we were not able to leave each other. That way, week-end groups were lasting even 8 days. So creating a Commune, where you can live with your friends always in truth and love, has been just natural. Living togheter a dream that is becoming more and more real, every day, with the best mirrors you can imagine around you. That's why it is difficult, for me, to talk about "my" work. First, it is the work of my beloved Master. Then, it is the work we do togheter. But it is even more "their" work: actually the Staff, beside the great support that gives into the groups, is the real key to open up people to transformation. Is their heart wich opens people's heart. Is their friendship that allow people to know that beautiful relationships are possible. My gratitude for the OIC Staff, for my own friends, is immense. And the same gratitude for them is always expressed by people, in every circle we make." (Arshad)