Shunyam Deretta

Shunyam R. Deretta

He tried for years to change society, with so much effort in the social struggles of the '60s and '70s, at the risk of losing touch with reality. In 1980 the meeting with Osho, followed the need to know and accept himself, led him on the path of personal growth. In 1982 in Geetam, inland from Los Angeles, he participated in the Training of Osho Rebalancing and since then he has lived sharing himself with the people, through individual sessions and groups of bodywork and personal growth. In 1983 in Houston (Texas) Shunyam has specialized in Trager, the technique of working on the joints which, together with Mukti, led in Pune in 2000, creating the Joint Release Training.

In 1992, again at the Osho Multiversity in Pune, he became a teacher of Rebalancing, which holds since the two-year vocational training, teaching first in training in Belgium, Denmark , India and, since 1996 in Italy .
Shunyam Deretta, President of Osho Rebalancing Italy, is the author of the book "Osho Rebalancing - A way of Deeply Touch and be Touched" – Re Nudo publishing .